Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapeutic treatments for acute and chronic conditions

As a qualified physiotherapist I provide services for both acute injury and chronic conditions that affect your ability to move. I also have a special interest in pain management Complex Pain conditions. 

My aim is to restore your body's optimal function and movement, when affected by injury, illness or disability.

I utilise a combination of techniques to treat neuromusculoskeletal conditions holistically and with your context in mind – these include joint and tissue mobilisation, massage, exercise, rehabilitation, and helping you improve how you manage your pain condition and understand what causes it.

For those with chronic conditions, my physiotherapeutic interventions encourage activity, while using manual techniques to reduce local joint and muscle pain and stiffness.

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If so, I can help you to understand, relieve, and manage your condition.

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Hi, I’m Clare Cresswell, a physiotherapist and mindfulness coach.

I work with people who are challenged with long-term (chronic) health conditions and pain to find creative and manageable ways to live their lives to the full. Read more about me…